About my driftwood





These are some off the craft fairs I’ve been doing last year with my driftwood signs and gifts, I’ve had some great fun and met some really wonderful people.

This is a selection of some off the things I’ve made.

20140126-160916.jpgThis is how beautiful it is sometimes in the winter when I go collecting my driftwood, such a treat. I love it here.

20140126-161127.jpgThe driftwood can be found laying on the beach, after a storm it’s great. the driftwood could of come from anywhere really and can of been floating around in the sea for years or just a short while. the sea tumbles the wood and naturally wears away the edges and sculptures it in to the lovely pieces off driftwood that I find once the sea has finished with it.



Once I get the driftwood home, it all gets cleaned and soaked in a solution to clean it from any smells or sand.


then once the driftwood has all been dried out I am ready to begin making something with it.
I love to write quotes and sayings onto the wood, I feel the little saying all meen something different to different people.


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