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Beachcombing for driftwood Jan 10th 2016

lovely brisk walk on the beach today collecting driftwood for my little creations.

It’s been rain after rain and grotty weather but we got there and it was so peaceful and calm and dry luckily.

Until after our walk the heavens opened with a big house stone storm lol. We gone stoned and soaked ! 

        Very strange line in the sky from the rain  A container ship has lost a shipment off vanish cleaner and the bottles have been washing up all across Cornwall so was surprised to see one washed up on a Kentish beach      And the heavens opened and hear come the house stones.

Luckily we did get back to the car with a big lot off driftwood, now to be dried out and cleaned and then turned into whatever takes my fancy.

Build up to Christmas 2015 was awesome 

 In the months leading up to Christmas 2015 I had some wonderful Christmas fairs and opportunities to sell my driftwood in some amazing places.

Whitefriers food and craft market in Canterbury. 

 Made in Ashford. 

A beautiful little gift shop selling the most amazing unique hand made gifts.

 And pluckley farm shop. 

A beautiful farm shop in the heart of the beautiful village of pluckley ( the most haunted village in England)

 It’s been hard going trying to keep all stocked up and still doing Christmas fairs, but I’ve loved every minute off it.

These are some pictures off the amazing whitefriers shop in Canterbury where I loved to go once a week to do my shift with the lovely people and surrounded by wonderful hand made exciting gifts.

The shop was amazingly busy all the time and people loved it and could not get enough of it.  

I as many others, recieved orders after orders, my last off which was an order going to someone’s new house in the Hamptons USA .i was excited about that order😀

      This was the amazing fair for the hospice   This was the lovely St Mary church Christmas fair in the heart of Ashford, such a beautiful venue. 

   Loved making and selling my driftwood Christmas trees, each one different and unique. 

 Driftwood reindeer’ oh my, sometimes I felt like I was making little armies off the little things, I love making these. Such fun and such little characters lol 

   Man cave signs went mentle over Christmas with about 40 of them selling in one month, ideal gift for a man..

  And now I’m back to hunting all my local beaches in Kent for my lovely driftwood, let’s hope 2016 is as awesome 

   Happy new year !

Coming to the end off a beautiful summer 2014

It’s been a great summer but it’s just gone too quickly for me..we’ve laughed, camped, drank, walked, climbed mountains, explored new places, swam in the sea, bbq’d and done so many wonderful fairs, no wonder the summer has flew by.
It’s maybe September but the summers not done with us yet, and we still have beautiful October to go when all the trees change colour but the sun still shines.
But for me I love winter too, long walks on the beach collecting driftwood, amazing finds along the coast line after the storms and high tides. It really can be great.
Here are just some off the things I’ve been up to this summer xx







































Sun sea and driftwood !!

Weather was so amazing today. Lots of sun and sea and LOTS of driftwood
We go to a lot of lovely locations to collect our driftwood but this has got to be my favourite of them all.
We have to scramble down the hill to access the beach but once there it’s amazing views amazing sea and lots if lovely driftwood.
Not many people get to this bay so we usually have it to ourselves which is great.
Today we got a fantastic haul but it will be slim pickings through the summer as the winter is always the best for collecting driftwood.















Taking the Plunge / How to Get Ready to Sell at Fairs / The Stall Holders perspective

What a fantastic blog

Wish Vintage

Some of you may know that as well as blogging about vintage we are prone to selling some too.  When we can bare to part with it!  Last year we thought we would try our local crafters market with our stall – to see how it went.  It is fair to say that our home town was a little perplexed by the idea of vintage.  Not everyone of course and over the last year we have become part of a thriving little community of local traders who put their heart and souls into making beautiful things.  Such beautiful things!

Last week one of those clever people introduced our home town to a new market concept

We signed up for a stall at this fledging market and spent two days in the centre of our home town.


The organiser of the fair kept us in regular contact about plans for…

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Beach Walk Find: Pink 50s Contour Chair Lounge

OMG what a find

California Pixie Vintage Fashion Decor Style Blog

contour lounge chair vintage chinese phoenix wall sculpture-001

There’s a new girl in town!!! Look at this fabulous PINK vintage contour chair lounge from the 1950s!! I was having a hard time breaking back into regular life since my Philippines rock n roll fantasy. This did the trick!! I found it on my beach walk the other morning. Walked the same route i always do, right past this old junk store thats overstuffed with furniture and great old things and there it was. Sitting right outside just off the sidewalk waiting for me. Like it was bathed in some kind of a glorious light! “I have to have that chair!” Or at least thats what I said as flew through the front door of the shop. Dale, thestore owner knew exactly what I was talking about. He’s sold me so many cool vintage beauties over the years. Done! And guess what? I read these were custom made…

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