Driftwood signs

20140126-212510.jpgthis sign i made for myself, i love the words! can make more.








Any sign can be ordered and made with any quote or saying, name or date etc
Writing is wood burned into the driftwood so it will last forever.



4 thoughts on “Driftwood signs”

  1. I am looking to buy a personalised driftwood sign as an anniversary present. I would like to personalise it with two destinations and their respective distances : Madrid 717mi and Maldives 5,380mi. Please can you advise of the size, cost and timescale to produce?
    Many thanks

    1. Hello. Yes I can make this for you. It would be £25 +postage and can have it made for you by Friday morning
      Let me know if you would like to go ahead.
      My Facebook page is shells driftwood. There is two but I’m the one from Kent not Ireland
      Thankyou michelle

  2. Thank you for your reply. Can you confirm the approximate size that the sign would be? Is the lettering burnt on or painted? Will it be suitable to hang outside?
    Many thanks

    1. So sorry for delay in replying. The sign can be what ever size you like. Driftwood is never the same and all unique and different sizes. The writing is usually routed in to the wood then painted whichever colour you require x

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