Shells driftwoods Summer 2015

what an amazing spring and summer this year, I can’t believe I’ve not blogged about it all but it’s been a busy kind of year. Shells driftwood started the year of visiting austrailia which was amazing, I visited many beaches all off which were compleatly different and each one spectacular. I could of bought lots of driftwood home but don’t think I’d of got it through customs.. 

                                     Returning from oz was a tough act to follow But I soon settled back in to my beautiful English coastline and started beachcombing again enjoying finding every different piece of driftwood like it was a piece of gold. 

                 early this year I started on my new range of mini beach houses and fishing villages…so far theve been a massive hit and I enjoy making them. There so cute . 

       shells driftwood went walking around pembrokshire so famous costal walks, it was amazing and such beautiful scenery no wonder it’s one off the worlds most scenic costal hikes. 

                                                      ive found some amazing driftwood this year, just love our local beaches and what surrounds us, just so beautiful. 



























 I’ve been to some amazing venues for fairs this year too even a private castle. Our beloved fair at county square in ashford finished this year but as one door closed another one opens as they say and I was invited to sell my driftwood in the beautiful whitefriers food and craft market shop in canterbury 


















 this year has also seen shells driftwood beachcombing for beautiful sea glass to add to my driftwood gifts,this is like finding jewels in the sand and very fun to do. 

             all in all its been another Great spring and summer and now as we’re heading in to the autum and winter, I’m excited, for all the storms the big winds and the giant tides, because in all that chaos the sea throws up some amazing things which we have no idear where there from just that theve been at home in the sea for a while.

Now I’m looking forward to the Christmas madness and all the fairs.

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